Tulong Kabataan!

Huli man daw at magaling, huli pa rin. Pero nananatili ang pag-asa sa akin, kaya heto at ipo-post ko pa rin ang announcement na ito.

Volunteers’ Assembly
We will be holding our first Volunteers’ Assembly tomorrow, October 14, 4pm at the HQ. Whether you have already helped in the previous days/weeks or just planning to do so, please drop by at the Assembly tomorrow. Our agenda will be: Orientation for the 17-18 mission, and a short discussion on the analysis of the recent floods and its effects, as well as the orientation of TK.

On Oct. 17-19, Tulong Kabataan will conduct a relief operation for the communities of San Manuel, Tarlac, still in the San Roque Dam area, among the hardest-hit communities by floods caused by Typhoon Pepeng. You can help with any of the following:

Volunteers for Repacking
Starting Oct. 14, the TK HQ will be open 9am onwards for all volunteers who want to repack goods. For those who get lost a bit easily, check this map:

More Donations
We have targeted 3,000 family-beneficiaries for our goods distribution. So keep the donations coming. If possible, organize your own relief drive in your family, street, neighborhood, parish, organization, barkada, school, etc. and send them to our headquarters. All in all, TK needs the following:

120 sacks of rice
12,000 pcs of canned goods
18,000 packs of instant noodles
3,000 25 gram packs of instant coffee (preferrably non-Nestle)
3,000 1/4 kilo packs of sugar
3,000 pieces of laundry soap
3,000 pieces of bath soap
3,000 packs of toothpaste
3,000 1 liter units of potable water
3,000 pieces of graham crackers
3,000 packs containing candles & matches

Volunteers for the Distribution and Clean-Up
Call-time is at 5am at the HQ on the 17th. For those with a problem with waking up that early, you are more than welcome to stay at the HQ along with other volunteers on the night of the 16th. We will be staying near the affected area on the night of the 17th. So bring the following: extra clothing, blanket/malong, extra personal drinking water, toiletries. Just in case, please bring also any ID and extra pocket money. We back in Manila on the afternoon of Sunday.

For questions, suggestions, and confirmation of one’s attendance, please text us at the following numbers: 0915 868 23 80 / 0908 370 35 25 / 0922 295 25 32
You can also email us at
: tulongkabataan@gmail.com
Also check us on the Web: http://kabataanpartylist.com/blog/ondoy/

Reposted from Tulong Kabataan.

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