Wanted:Writers and Bloggers

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Job Description:

We’re looking for people to write inspirational and humorous articles on matters concerning family, marriage, parenting, midlife, seasonal topics and social issues affecting Filipino familes in the Philippines and abroad. We want writers who can educate, support and encourage others thru their articles and features. This is a good supplemental income for people who want to write about something they feel strongly about or knowledgeable about some topics.

* Articles must be interesting, compelling lead into each story is critical. Our readers are as busy as we are and therefore we must seduce them into reading our work;
* When there is humor people listen better, its always good to inject good humor to lighten a “heavy” story;
* Readers want surprise and twist so inserting some surprise or unexpected statistic or raise eyebrows with a surprising outcome keeps readers interested;
* Many people don’t read articles, they just browse over the article, we want to inject some pullout quotes, bulleted items or sub-heading of an important information for people just browsing or just passing by;
* A photograph is worth a thousand words so if you can supply a pertinent image it would certainly grab readers attention;
* Articles should not go over 1,000 words including sidebars.


* Proficient in English;
* Freelance Writers, Journalist, Blog savy, Students and Professionals, Housewives are welcome;
* Writers does not have to be physically present in the Philippines, He/She can be anywhere in the world, preferably where there is a strong Filipino presence such as Hong Kong, Italy, Middle East, USA, Canada, Japan or Australia/New Zealand, anywhere there is an internet connection.


* Will be in U.S. Dollars by Paypal or Direct Deposit.
* Our rates to writers are very competitive and will depend on experience and quality of work.

Please submit your resume with a copy of your work to: filfamproject@yahoo.com
E-mail: filfamproject@yahoo.com
Phone: Private
URL: http://www.filipinofamily.org (Soon to Come)


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2 responses to “Wanted:Writers and Bloggers

  1. gudang

    uh, i wonder if i can join. naive. HEHE. 🙂 but there’s something in the terms and conditions of using WordPress, that we are not allowed to join such.. Hmm, yun lang naman ang pagkakaalam ko.. 😀

    anyway, pengeng help! 😀 thanks!

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